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Vision & Values

Vision & Mission

We operate in accordance with the highest safety, environmental and social standards and are committed to building value for the benefit of all stakeholders. In order to ensure the best possible outcomes, we use our corporate values to create a workplace where everyone feels safe and respected, so that we can effectively work together to deliver on our core objectives and ultimate vision of building production across our strategic portfolio and leveraging our first mover advantage in Kenya to establish Caracal as a leading East African gold producer.

Caracal’s vision is to become an established, profitable gold production company with multiple gold mining operations located in East Africa, producing in excess of 50,000oz per annum and with JORC compliant reserves and resources of over 3Moz.

Corporate Values

to the environment in which we operate and the people and communities we work with

of our valued team and all those associated with our projects

we are committed to ensuring that our operations provide direct and sustainable benefits to the communities and environments in which we operate, with broad ESG programs core pillars to our operational activities.

building productive and ethical working relationships with stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and public agencies by maintaining transparent and responsive communications

we value the support of all stakeholders and are committed to creating meaningful value and delivering on our commitments for the benefit of all