Social Responsibility Policy


Caracal Gold (and its subsidiaries, the “Company”) recognizes that our activities have impacts on the communities where we work. We also recognize the positive role we can play to enable sustainable development by treating impacted stakeholders justly so that they don’t lose out, and fairly so that they gain from the presence of the company. We also work to secure the rights and livelihoods of our workers. We believe that Social Responsibility is an integral part of the operations of our business.

Caracal’s vision is to create genuine value for our stakeholders and continually improve our sustainability performance, as a good corporate citizen and neighbour, sharing the benefits of responsible mining and ensuring that we leave a legacy of positive socio-economic and environmental impact in the areas in which operate.  Our stakeholders include our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, local communities and government authorities, including all individuals who live in proximity to our operations or who may be impacted by our business relationships.

To this end, Caracal is committed to:

  • Ensuring that all employees participate in conducting our business in an honest, responsible and ethical manner, in compliance with all national legislation, international conventions, trade rules, ethical guidelines, regulations and rules that govern our operations
  • Integrating social considerations into all aspects of the Company’s business decisions and activities throughout all phases of the life of the project,
  • Building trust-based relationships by sharing information and addressing issues that are raised, through ongoing two-way dialogue; taking into account and being responsive to the concerns, aspirations and values of our Project-Affected Communities, with a view to avoid or mitigate adverse social impacts and enhance any possible social benefits;
  • Avoiding involuntary displacement and resettlement wherever possible, and where it is unavoidable, proceed on the basis of meaningful consultation with those affected, fair compensation, and respect for traditional and current land rights
  • Respecting the cultural heritage, traditions and values of the communities where we operate;
  • Engaging with artisanal and small-scale mining stakeholders and collaborate with government to prevent conflict, reduce negative impacts, support alternative livelihoods, and facilitate formalisation where feasible.
  • Contributing to sustainable community development in our area of influence by supporting both short-term and lasting positive socio-economic impact, including local employment and procurement, and implementing needs-based development initiatives that result in positive socio-economic change.
  • Providing a workplace free of discrimination with regard to gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, social or ethnic origin, where all employees can fulfil their potential based on merit and ability and where the value of workplace diversity is recognized.
  • Prioritizing high standards for both occupational health and safety and community health and safety, thereby protecting the health and safety of all employees and surrounding community members;
  • Promoting sustainable, ethical and responsible sourcing and procurement management throughout its supply chain.
  • Supporting and respecting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights in the conduct of all activities and ensuring Caracal is not complicit in any human rights abuses.
  • Fostering a culture of shared responsibility across all management positions, with regards to embodying the spirit of social responsibility.


The Board is accountable for ensuring this policy is effectively implemented and has delegated oversight to senior management. The management of the Company will report to the Board regarding the efficacy of steps taken to achieve compliance with the principles set out in this Policy and, should they occur, any material instances or trends of violations of this Policy.

This Policy is applicable to the entire workforce of Caracal and its subsidiaries, including senior executive, financial officers, contractors and the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Company will review and evaluate this policy on an annual basis to determine its efficacy.