Caracal is committed to conducting its business activities in accordance with international best-practice with respect to environmental, social, governance and ethical issues.


It embraces the principles of sustainable development, which encompasses responsible resource stewardship, effective pollution prevention and the capacity to produce efficiently. The goal of sustainable development will be achieved by balancing the considerations for the local population, the environment in which we operate and shareholder value in all management decisions.

The Company aims to provide the global market with responsibly mined gold.  Caracal intends to conduct its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner, with the aim of ensuring that its operations have no adverse effects on natural resources or biodiversity in the region. Furthermore, the Company is committed to the socio-economic development of its areas of operation.


Caracal is committed to helping better the environment in which it operates through numerous projects. Within the surrounding area of the Kilimapesa Gold Mine, the Company has committed to planting trees to help capture carbon, prevent floods and keep soil nutrients rich.  Once the trees have grown sufficiently, Caracal intends to launch a beekeeping initiative within the community to help train and support the community in the long-term.  The business has engaged the local community and the Maasai people to assist in the elimination of  foot and mouth disease within the area through an extensive cattle dipping programme.


Our social commitment at Kilimapesa

Caracal is committed to the local community within the region that Kilimapesa operates and has devised numerous ways to assist in supporting where it can. Over the years, Caracal has helped enhance the quality of life within the area it works and is committed to assisting the locals in being able to run the community on a standalone basis.

In order to put the community at the heart of the decisions that the Company makes to help better their everyday lives, it works alongside the locals to agree upon incentives. Caracal management then invite applications to partner on putting together the projects and hand the projects over to them once they are correctly educated on managing it alone.

Key incentives to help develop the community:

1. Transmara Moyoi Group royalty agreement

  • 2% of revenue from mining in the Group area.
  • Regular meetings with the committee.

2. Supporting education within the local community

  • Assist in building classrooms at local schools in order to help better the education of the next generation within the area.
  • Assist with school fees on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Sponsorship of local teachers.

3. Water and utility supply

  • Supplying water and electricity to three local schools.
  • Supplying drinking water for livestock at various locations within the area.

4. Use of local skills and training

  • Employment of over 200 locals.
  • On-the-job and off-training.


The Company is committed to sustaining the highest standards in corporate governance throughout its operations to ensure all practices are conducted ethically, transparently and efficiently. The Company believes examining all features of its business and reflecting, analysing and developing its procedures will result in the continued progress of the Company and deliver value to its shareholders.

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